Sunday, February 1, 2015


*Disclaimer: I am NOT writing a book;  I've just decided to keep track of 2015 as if it were one.

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2015 started with my family and I reading our 2014 memories that we'd written down and saved in a jar all year. I must say 2014 was pretty awesome, best year in a while. I looked forward to 2015,as I do with every year. It may be cheesy and unrealistic, but I love the emotions a new year brings. Everyone says they hate setting resolutions, but I think they're fun. Even if I don't keep them, it's fun to think I might.

My first week of the year consisted mostly of one thing: packing. I'd been re-accepted to the school I started at immediately after high school, and I was going back to get my MRS, I mean, bachelor's degree. In between the hours packing were goodbyes, last days of work, and hitting up all the San Diego food spots I could get in. It was glorious, finally I was the one leaving, not staying and feeling stagnant.

One phrase perfectly encapsulated my feelings: I'm going back.

Excitement. Optimism. Nervousness. Excitement because Lord knows  I'm ready to finish college, it's been a long time coming. Optimism because new beginning calls for it. Nervousness because what was I getting myself into? All these emotions mixed into a stew of what I assume many leaving (or re-leaving) for college feel.

Regardless, classes start and life still happens. A new major called for me to switch my perspective, and I loved it. Theories, 22 units, and film reviews will occupy my brain for the next 13 weeks. And although it's a lot, when you truly enjoy something, it's sort of fun, isn't it? Within the first week, (thanks to much prayer) I was able to find a more suitable living situation and I had a new job. If 2015 kept going like this, I may rule the world by December 31.

Adjusting back to on-campus college life is a tricky situation. You now share your room and have to cook meals for yourself ALL THE TIME. In reality, you'd rather not cook, but you'd die so that's no good. Another problem, you're not the spring chicken anymore. I know, I know. 24 is not even remotely old, at all. But it is exhausting. Events start at 9 or later, and every has so much energy at like 10. I miss those days, but I really love my bed and feeling well rested much more.

In between all the classes and homework, I've been able to hangout with what I call, "The Best People Ever". It is so good to be around friends you love, on a daily basis.

All-in-all January was a good kick off for the rest of the year.

As for February, has started off with me working, and eagerly waiting for the Superbowl and my girl Katy! let's not forget it's Black History Month, or as I affectionately call it My Month. Good start already if I say so myself!

Until next time guys.

- Asia Ja'Lacie