Sunday, June 21, 2015

Lessons from Good Old Cliff

In honor of Father's Day, today's blog is dedicated to my favorite man, my daddy, CLIFF!

If you have ever had the honor of hanging out with him, you know he's a well of knowledge coated in hilarity and sincerity.

If you have not, rest easy, this post will serve as a pseudo-meeting to hold you over until you hopefully get a taste of the real thing, as I share some of my favorite lessons from my pops.

Ground Beef is THE star of the kitchen
Okay, this one is less of a lesson, and more of an opportunity to poke fun. My sister and I joke that he has the appetite of a 12-year-old boy. However, shout out goes to this guy for making the most uses of ground beef, and single highhandedly keeping the ground beef market afloat.

How to Fight
Granted, I've never been in a physical altercation, but I am more than prepared thanks to my a dad. He's famously quoted for saying,  "Don't let nobody walk up on you, tag 'em!" or for refusing to use drive-thru ATM's in case he, "has to fight."  I may have never had to apply these lessons, but rest assured, not even Mr. Miyagi could give better fighting advice. Ya'll don't want none.

Go To Work
He (and my mom)  drilled into me since I was young that you have to work for what you want. He did not tell me to marry rich, or rely on a man to do it for me. He taught me how to do it myself. I'm most grateful for this lesson.

Stand Up for What's Right
Ever since I was young, I always found myself trying to fix situations concerning people or issues. If I did not like something, I tried to change it, or at least voice that it should be changed. Although he never outright spoke it, he taught me this lesson. He also stands for what he believes in, and does not bow down to anyone regardless of title or power. He fights for those who cannot fight for themselves, and loves everyone. Basically, Cliff's a superhero.

Remain Youthful
Sweet Cliff turned the big 60 this year, but he's still young at heart. He's the living example of "you're as young as you feel". You'll catch him quoting Family Guy, playing with all the children at church, or playing pranks on the family. One thing he's never lost, was his youthful zest for life, and I am proud to have inherited that trait from him.

What A Real Man Is
Any man that can live a house of us Perrin women is a champion in my eyes. My dad always respects our mom and did everything he is capable of for our family. He serves God, gives us the best and will exhaust himself before he sees his family go without. He is not shy to correct us, even if it does not feel good at first. He can laugh at himself and slay a meal on the grill. He's the greatest.

I am very fortunate to have my dad in my life. This Father's Day if your father is in yours get in contact with them and let them know how much you appreciate him, he may need it more than you know!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!

Sunday, February 1, 2015


*Disclaimer: I am NOT writing a book;  I've just decided to keep track of 2015 as if it were one.

pages 1-31

2015 started with my family and I reading our 2014 memories that we'd written down and saved in a jar all year. I must say 2014 was pretty awesome, best year in a while. I looked forward to 2015,as I do with every year. It may be cheesy and unrealistic, but I love the emotions a new year brings. Everyone says they hate setting resolutions, but I think they're fun. Even if I don't keep them, it's fun to think I might.

My first week of the year consisted mostly of one thing: packing. I'd been re-accepted to the school I started at immediately after high school, and I was going back to get my MRS, I mean, bachelor's degree. In between the hours packing were goodbyes, last days of work, and hitting up all the San Diego food spots I could get in. It was glorious, finally I was the one leaving, not staying and feeling stagnant.

One phrase perfectly encapsulated my feelings: I'm going back.

Excitement. Optimism. Nervousness. Excitement because Lord knows  I'm ready to finish college, it's been a long time coming. Optimism because new beginning calls for it. Nervousness because what was I getting myself into? All these emotions mixed into a stew of what I assume many leaving (or re-leaving) for college feel.

Regardless, classes start and life still happens. A new major called for me to switch my perspective, and I loved it. Theories, 22 units, and film reviews will occupy my brain for the next 13 weeks. And although it's a lot, when you truly enjoy something, it's sort of fun, isn't it? Within the first week, (thanks to much prayer) I was able to find a more suitable living situation and I had a new job. If 2015 kept going like this, I may rule the world by December 31.

Adjusting back to on-campus college life is a tricky situation. You now share your room and have to cook meals for yourself ALL THE TIME. In reality, you'd rather not cook, but you'd die so that's no good. Another problem, you're not the spring chicken anymore. I know, I know. 24 is not even remotely old, at all. But it is exhausting. Events start at 9 or later, and every has so much energy at like 10. I miss those days, but I really love my bed and feeling well rested much more.

In between all the classes and homework, I've been able to hangout with what I call, "The Best People Ever". It is so good to be around friends you love, on a daily basis.

All-in-all January was a good kick off for the rest of the year.

As for February, has started off with me working, and eagerly waiting for the Superbowl and my girl Katy! let's not forget it's Black History Month, or as I affectionately call it My Month. Good start already if I say so myself!

Until next time guys.

- Asia Ja'Lacie