Tuesday, February 18, 2014


The title of this post alone has Legally Blonde: The Musical's, "Positive" ringing in my head.

Not that it has anything to do with this post, it's just so gosh dang catchy!
"You know I'm positiveeee" Ah, God bless Laura Bell Bundy. 
Anyway, I was LIVING IT UP on President's Day, guys. I talking, flannel wearing, HGTV bingeing, snack smuggling, hair nubbins kind of living. It was glorious. My new Glamour magazine had come, and with my girl T.Swift on the cover, I was about to turn up "Lazy Song" style. Bruno would be so proud.

A few giggles and insightful articles later, I stumbled across it.

"Can You Go a Week Without B----ing?"

And just like that, my leisurely day was as good as gone.

The article illustrated a  Glamour writer who decided to take a break from negativity. No complaining, gossiping, bad attitudes, nothing. Just good vibes. It proved harder than she imagined. From a bad boss, to a continually late-for-plans friend, she was tested.

Being the challenge loving gal that I am, I decided to partake in this little experiment.

I started yesterday (Tuesday), and let me tell you. WOW. (That's all I can say without being negative)

Not vocalizing negativity was not as hard as not thinking it. Which in my eyes, are the same thing.

Everything was going great this morning ...until I walked in to work.
  "I don't want to be here. Whoops sorry I take that back. GET OUT negativity"
The rest of the day was filled with an ebb and flow of negativity and self apologies.
 "I'd rather shave my eyebrow than listen to this... Danggit! Sorry Lord, this is important""

" This kid smells worse than a drive through Bakersfield. SHOOT. Lord forgive me, he's just a kid."

"You should never be able to use Vine, that was horrible.. Aye, sorry Jesus." 
* All three quotes were actual thoughts I had today. I know, I'm a mess. Oh, that was negative. AYE.

However my lowest point today was during the new Pretty Little Liars episode... Aria, Hannah, and Emily, forgive me , you didn't deserve that.

Jesus sure sent a lot of grace my way today.

All jokes aside, it's pretty ridiculous how hard it is to be positive. I could blame technology or angered-charged music but it all boils down to this: it's easier to be negative than it is to be positive.

Think of the quote "One bad apple spoils the bunch." In context of people, the quote itself is a blanket statement. "If there's one bad person, everyone else will be bad", but the opposite could happen. The "bad apple" could be changed by the group, if the group allows it. However the change from negative to positive requires far more work than vice versa.

Even in relationships; how many friendships were started because two people disliked the same person. Hating on people somehow bonds us to one another.I'll admit, I've seen the fruit of this; but still... it's just kind of depressing.

With that said, I'll be sticking this though until next Tuesday and debrief it all for you guys.

Pray for me ya'll; this is going to be interesting!

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