Friday, January 24, 2014


Before you hurl yourself into offense for my colorful choice of acronyms, it's not what you think. Okay it is... but read anyway.

If you're a millennial, you more than likely know the meaning of DGAF. For my older , non-acronym-using readers who need a bit of clarification, it stands for:

 Don't Give A F---.

Are we all caught up here? Wonderful, let's move on.

Millennials are notorious for exclaiming the phrase at any given moment.

Failed a test? DGAF
Your best friend is mad at you? DGAF
Yo boo dumped you? DGAF

Add a hashtag to it, and call it a night!

It can be used lightheartedly or literally. However the popularity of the term doesn't seem to be just a social media trend, I honestly believe it has become a sort of outlook on life.

If there's one thing us millennials are, it is passionate. We all strive to be the change we want to see in the world, and will fight tooth and nail to see it happen. Anyone or anything that stands in our way, God help 'em. Which, in theory, is pretty awesome... but what does that look like in action?

I wholeheartedly believe passion without compassion is hazardous.

Can a person reach a goal without caring about stops on the way? Absolutely.
Will it be as rewarding? Probably not.

See, the whole problem with this DGAF mentality is that we literally stop giving a f....

I for one, am without a doubt guilty of this.

From dealing with frustrating people to not knowing how to play the guitar by now; I've brushed things under the "DGAF" carpet. Even as recently as last week, I had a friend bring a situation to my attention, to which I ended the conversation emphasizing how much , " I DON'T CARE!"

Mature, right?

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think we should give undivided attention to every single situation in life. That would be horribly overwhelming. But maybe, we could care... or at least GAF.

There's a quote that reads, "Let go of people who no longer serve a purpose in your life." At first, being a twentysomething who was becoming her own person, I lived for this quote. I think I even pinned it!

You're going to talk trash and be two-face? See Ya.
Ignore me? Adios.
Don't measure up to some ridiculous standard? BYE FELECIA.

Now as a  slightly older twentysomething, who's still becoming her own person, I'm saddened by the very same statement. Instead of dealing with things, I hardened my heart and moved on.

Any person or situation in my life, has a purpose in my life. Now, I may not be fond of said situation or person, but there is still a purpose being served. This really hits home for me, especially in the context of people. Even if  someone doesn't deserve my attention, they still deserve it. (Does that even make sense?)

I once watched a Tyler Perry play, and Madea was carrying on about how there are three types of people in our  "life tree". Some people are leaves (they come and go, change with the seasons), some are branches (stick around for a while, but also eventually break off), but then there are roots. These people are apart of you, inside of you, and giving you life.

All three serve a purpose; all three are apart of your "life tree", and I for one, GAF about my tree!

So, I encourage you: care about something...anything! Care about your relationships. Care about your academic or professional success. Care about the world around you. Heck, care about your favorite celebrity. Please, GIVE A F.... well you know :)

The world is starving for people like that, and since us millennials already march to the beat of our own drummer...

Let's show the world how it's done.

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