Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lessons I Learned in Rural New Hampshire

As most of you know (or should know) I spent 10 weeks of my summer in Freedom, New Hampshire working at a summer camp.

As usual, I packed my bags up mid-June, and flew to the place I'd call home for the next few weeks and  did the "camp thing": sing crazy songs at the top of your lungs, keep the older campers from getting their swerve on with each other, eat ridiculous amounts of french toast, and so on. 

Really, it's the best. 

Every summer, I try to walk away with something I learned those long 10 weeks. Here's the 2014 list:

I'm STILL afraid of bugs. The bug game in New Hampshire is on another level. You would think that after 9 different camps, I'd be okay. Nope, not at all.

New Hampshire is the King of Ice Cream. I've never consumed so much ice cream in my life. Shout out to Bobby Sue's in Freedom. My taste buds sing your praises!

Thunder and lightening storms are the best and worst.  Storms mean chilling in your cabin having fun with your kids... HELLO FREE TIME!  It also means you can't use water until the storm passes or nap, which is unfortunate because free time and naps are synonymous.

Your kids idolize you.  Quite a few of my girls called me their idol this summer. While I question the validity of those statements, I am still humbled. On some level, my camper found something about me cool. It's the best feeling, and really... who doesn't need that kind of positivity in their life?

It's okay to slow down. Freedom, and it's surrounding towns, are very slow. No one seems to be in a rush, and that is absolutely refreshing. 

I always feel the need to go, go, GO. I always have to be doing something. This summer, I was forced to slow down. Forced to just be. I didn't have a class to run to, an event or lesson to plan for the upcoming weeks... I had the opportunity to go-with-the-flow.

At camp, I wouldn't find out what I was doing for the day, until the morning of.  I would then stay on that activity all day. As a planner, IT DROVE ME NUTS. However, there's a serenity that comes with staying at the gaga pit all day. You have nothing better to do than just join in and have fun, then go to sleep and do it all again.

Leaving camp on Tuesday was bittersweet for many reasons. I was beyond happy to get home, but also a bit wistful knowing this would be the last camp I'd work at. Obviously, one can never say never, but I'm pretty sure about the closing of this chapter.

My life has been made so rich by all the counselors and campers I have had the pleasure of working with. 

Campers, you've played the biggest part of my love for camps. From my oldest campers (ER's from Montana!) to my newest Session 4 girls at Cody, I sincerely love you all. I hope the best for you as you grow up. Make wise decisions, do your best in school, and have the audacity to chase your dreams. You are some of the most outrageous and fun people I have had the pleasure of meeting.

Counselors, I have laughed my realest laughs, and shed my deepest tears with some of you. It sounds cheesy, but you do all hold a special part in my heart. From Entourage, to the worship and comedy teams from fellow A/G schools, to my cheetah sisters, to all the people I met this summer, I am so lucky to have met you. 

Camp Fox, Cedaredge, Granite Hills, Richardson, Elkanah, Glacier Bible, Pincrest, High Peak, and Cody, Thank you for taking this city girl and making her appreciate the great outdoors.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring has SPRUNG.

#BOA followers, sorry for the 4 1/2 week gap; homework has be slaying me ya'll.
It's officially a new season everyone, and I for one am as giddy as a school girl.

For most people, Thanksgiving and Christmas is a times of gratitude and thanks, but for me, Spring is that time.

Maybe it's because of  the newness of nature, or the emotions Mother's Day and Father's Day carry. Regardless Spring is a time of new life and grandeur sights that inspire me deeply.

With that being said, I'm starting a two month series here on Babblings simply called: Thank Ya.

This week's "Thank Ya" goes out to a certain friend I had the pleasure of spending time with last weekend.

I ran across a quote the other day, and it read:

Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light. - Albert Schweitzer

After spending time with my friend, unbeknownst to her, I was challenged in different aspects of my life. Her love for the Lord, and zest for life were a breath of fresh air. The short amount of time we spent together reignited my lackluster flame. You're truly an example to every person you come in contact with. From the deepest part of me, thank ya girl.

I encourage you all to join me and record the fountainhead of your gratitude. If possible share with the person/things. It may be awkward, but it's amazing what an expression of thanks will do.

May your words be deliberate + straight from the heart.
And by the way, thank you to all who take the time read these babbles. Although you are few, it means the world to me that you care enough to read each post. My desire is to see #BOA continue to grow, and I will be forever grateful for you who stuck with me through it all. I promise to always write from my head + heart, to yours.

I am grateful for my sobriety, abstinence, my sponsor, for my children, family, friends my job and my healthy grandson coming soon. Thank you God for this wonderful life!
(photo from society6)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


The title of this post alone has Legally Blonde: The Musical's, "Positive" ringing in my head.

Not that it has anything to do with this post, it's just so gosh dang catchy!
"You know I'm positiveeee" Ah, God bless Laura Bell Bundy. 
Anyway, I was LIVING IT UP on President's Day, guys. I talking, flannel wearing, HGTV bingeing, snack smuggling, hair nubbins kind of living. It was glorious. My new Glamour magazine had come, and with my girl T.Swift on the cover, I was about to turn up "Lazy Song" style. Bruno would be so proud.

A few giggles and insightful articles later, I stumbled across it.

"Can You Go a Week Without B----ing?"

And just like that, my leisurely day was as good as gone.

The article illustrated a  Glamour writer who decided to take a break from negativity. No complaining, gossiping, bad attitudes, nothing. Just good vibes. It proved harder than she imagined. From a bad boss, to a continually late-for-plans friend, she was tested.

Being the challenge loving gal that I am, I decided to partake in this little experiment.

I started yesterday (Tuesday), and let me tell you. WOW. (That's all I can say without being negative)

Not vocalizing negativity was not as hard as not thinking it. Which in my eyes, are the same thing.

Everything was going great this morning ...until I walked in to work.
  "I don't want to be here. Whoops sorry I take that back. GET OUT negativity"
The rest of the day was filled with an ebb and flow of negativity and self apologies.
 "I'd rather shave my eyebrow than listen to this... Danggit! Sorry Lord, this is important""

" This kid smells worse than a drive through Bakersfield. SHOOT. Lord forgive me, he's just a kid."

"You should never be able to use Vine, that was horrible.. Aye, sorry Jesus." 
* All three quotes were actual thoughts I had today. I know, I'm a mess. Oh, that was negative. AYE.

However my lowest point today was during the new Pretty Little Liars episode... Aria, Hannah, and Emily, forgive me , you didn't deserve that.

Jesus sure sent a lot of grace my way today.

All jokes aside, it's pretty ridiculous how hard it is to be positive. I could blame technology or angered-charged music but it all boils down to this: it's easier to be negative than it is to be positive.

Think of the quote "One bad apple spoils the bunch." In context of people, the quote itself is a blanket statement. "If there's one bad person, everyone else will be bad", but the opposite could happen. The "bad apple" could be changed by the group, if the group allows it. However the change from negative to positive requires far more work than vice versa.

Even in relationships; how many friendships were started because two people disliked the same person. Hating on people somehow bonds us to one another.I'll admit, I've seen the fruit of this; but still... it's just kind of depressing.

With that said, I'll be sticking this though until next Tuesday and debrief it all for you guys.

Pray for me ya'll; this is going to be interesting!

Friday, January 24, 2014


Before you hurl yourself into offense for my colorful choice of acronyms, it's not what you think. Okay it is... but read anyway.

If you're a millennial, you more than likely know the meaning of DGAF. For my older , non-acronym-using readers who need a bit of clarification, it stands for:

 Don't Give A F---.

Are we all caught up here? Wonderful, let's move on.

Millennials are notorious for exclaiming the phrase at any given moment.

Failed a test? DGAF
Your best friend is mad at you? DGAF
Yo boo dumped you? DGAF

Add a hashtag to it, and call it a night!

It can be used lightheartedly or literally. However the popularity of the term doesn't seem to be just a social media trend, I honestly believe it has become a sort of outlook on life.

If there's one thing us millennials are, it is passionate. We all strive to be the change we want to see in the world, and will fight tooth and nail to see it happen. Anyone or anything that stands in our way, God help 'em. Which, in theory, is pretty awesome... but what does that look like in action?

I wholeheartedly believe passion without compassion is hazardous.

Can a person reach a goal without caring about stops on the way? Absolutely.
Will it be as rewarding? Probably not.

See, the whole problem with this DGAF mentality is that we literally stop giving a f....

I for one, am without a doubt guilty of this.

From dealing with frustrating people to not knowing how to play the guitar by now; I've brushed things under the "DGAF" carpet. Even as recently as last week, I had a friend bring a situation to my attention, to which I ended the conversation emphasizing how much , " I DON'T CARE!"

Mature, right?

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think we should give undivided attention to every single situation in life. That would be horribly overwhelming. But maybe, we could care... or at least GAF.

There's a quote that reads, "Let go of people who no longer serve a purpose in your life." At first, being a twentysomething who was becoming her own person, I lived for this quote. I think I even pinned it!

You're going to talk trash and be two-face? See Ya.
Ignore me? Adios.
Don't measure up to some ridiculous standard? BYE FELECIA.

Now as a  slightly older twentysomething, who's still becoming her own person, I'm saddened by the very same statement. Instead of dealing with things, I hardened my heart and moved on.

Any person or situation in my life, has a purpose in my life. Now, I may not be fond of said situation or person, but there is still a purpose being served. This really hits home for me, especially in the context of people. Even if  someone doesn't deserve my attention, they still deserve it. (Does that even make sense?)

I once watched a Tyler Perry play, and Madea was carrying on about how there are three types of people in our  "life tree". Some people are leaves (they come and go, change with the seasons), some are branches (stick around for a while, but also eventually break off), but then there are roots. These people are apart of you, inside of you, and giving you life.

All three serve a purpose; all three are apart of your "life tree", and I for one, GAF about my tree!

So, I encourage you: care about something...anything! Care about your relationships. Care about your academic or professional success. Care about the world around you. Heck, care about your favorite celebrity. Please, GIVE A F.... well you know :)

The world is starving for people like that, and since us millennials already march to the beat of our own drummer...

Let's show the world how it's done.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Year of Asia.

Happy New Year! 

2014, wow... I feel like the world should look like Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century by now, ha.

The best thing about a new year, is a fresh new start. Granted, you can have a fresh start at anytime, but there is nothing like the beginning of a new year. Everyone is so animated with hope and determination to better themselves.

And I am no different.

As the new year approached, I wondered what I wanted my 2014 to be (because life is what YOU make it- yes I quoted Hannah Montana) , and then it hit me...

I am officially declaring 2014: YEAR OF ASIA.

We can thank Ms. Penny Hartz, (my TV spirit animal and) character of  my most recent Netflix addiction, Happy Endings, for the terminology. At the beginning  of season 2, Penny decided 2012 was her year, and anytime something good happened she'd exclaim, "YEAR OF PENNY!" with envy-inducing pizazz.

So, prepare yourselves for the tweets, snapchats, texts, hashtags, and down south hollerin's of YEAR OF ASIA, or #YOA. (pronounced YOW, obviously.) Heck, you might even catch yourself saying it too!

* I apologize in advance  for the annoyed amusement this will cause most people. (I'm lying, I'm not sorry.)

Aside from repeating a cute catchphrase, I do have have some resolutions:
  • Blog at least twice a month. I mean.. that's what a blog's for, right?
  • Become more handy.
  • Quality over Quantity. In every aspect of life. 
  • Save more.  or you know, actually save money.
  • Think of others more.
But, most importantly, this year, I want to develop a deeper, unwavering faith. 

Let me clarify, the problem isn't having faith that God is capable of all things, it's believing that I do.

Hillsong's, "Oceans (Where Feet May Fall)", has a powerful line,  "Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders." These nine words resonated with me so deeply. Not because I'm a Christian, or because they're beautiful words, but because they are true.

Giving God control, while still keeping some for yourself doesn't work. That type of behavior, in my opinion, stems from a lackluster faith, yet I still wanted.. needed control. However the desire for an unboareded faith isn't solely concerning my spiritual life, but also in people. In 2013, I think I lost a bit of faith in people, which I swore to myself I would never let happen.

Thankfully, it's a new year. 

And with that, I welcome you 2014 and all the laughter, instagrams, new "favorites" , deep talks, reunions, concerts, road trips, tweets, weddings, babies, opportunities, and  new adventures you may bring.

Year of Asia, let's do this!