Thursday, October 17, 2013


As long as I have known myself, (which incidentally has been my entire life), I have been a talker... a babbler, if you will.

Get me excited, I will talk your ear off.
Get me upset, I will talk your ear off. 
Even in my sleep... I will talk your ear off. 

Thanks to my gift of gab, I typically found myself in quite a bit of trouble in school, to which my parents can attest. Talking has always been my thing. Except, the word "talk" doesn't adequately describe it...

Babble. Babbler. Babbling.
Hello, my name is Asia and I'm a babbler.

Now let's not confuse babbling with blabbing. Blabbing is indiscreetly revealing secrets, and I ain't about that life.

Babbling is defined as " to talk rapidly and continuously in a foolish, excited or incomprehensible way.

You're probably thinking to yourself, "Self, why would someone describe themselves as a babbler?" Well, because it is an accurate description of my version of talking, and I am okay with that. 

I recently changed my major to communication, after blindly pursuing a religion degree I thought I was called to. Discovering that communication is where my talents are, was thrilling and a relief. However, I find myself feeling like a fresh faced 18-year-old college freshman again, trying to find her voice.

Babbling also happens to be a stage in child development where an infant begins its journey of speaking, towards finding their voice. A child starts by making incomprehensible and foolish sounds until their mouths can form the words they're so desperately trying to express.

That's the purpose of this blog... to find my voice. Some posts will be foolish. Some will be exciting and incomprehensible. Nevertheless, they will all be me.

That being said, I cordially invite you all to join me on this journey.

Welcome to the Babbling of Asia.

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